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Meditation Program

This 10-day program introduces you to meditation and mindfulness tools to help you bring a lasting meditation practice into your every day life.

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This program includes


E-mails and video lessons to help you learn about the foundations, benefits and goals of meditation practice.

Daily Guided Mediation

This program explores five types of meditation tools and layers them over 10 days to help you learn to sit longer with yourself. This practice will give you a foundation for continuing a personal meditation practice. 

Time for More

You'll have 15 days of access to this 10 day program so that you can repeat meditations and have extra practice time.

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Whether you're looking to enhance your current meditation practice or begin from scratch, start your journey today.

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Why Meditate?

This virtual program is designed to guide anyone looking to start a new meditation practice or recharge their existing one. Gain the tools to meditate from anywhere, at any time and for as long as you like. Take this time to connect deeper, focus more fully, and redirect your thoughts in a way that serves you moving forward in your Yoga journey.

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About Your Instructor

Ellary has been teaching Yoga for over 8 years, all of them with Create Power Yoga. She is passionate about slowing things down through meditation and mindful exercises. She believes movement is great medicine and incorporates subtle body movements as well as deep rest into her classes. Yoga is the way for her to be in and of service to others in her community. Ellary is currently the lead meditation and restorative yoga teacher trainer at Create Power Yoga.

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Ellary Gamache