This program is about more than 6-pack abs.
It will target your deep core muscles for greater stabilization in every movement that you do on or off your mat.

Two ways to bring deep core work into your life!

This is not a 7-day 6-pack program. This is a series of exercises designed to build strength and awareness. In this program, you will utilize props, specific breathwork and self-touch to discover, build relationship with and strengthen your core from the inside out. This program will provide you with 7 asana-inspired workouts. With each new video, we will build on our knowledge by increasing intensity and adding new movements.

7 Classes, 7 Days

  • Quick lessons to improve your core engagement
  • 7 classes that build on each other each day
  • 10 days to complete the program
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Yearly Access

This program is designed so that each individual practitioner can move through it at their own pace. With one year of access, you have the opportunity to work your way through the program's building intensity without a deadline. 

Get CORE for a year

Meet your teacher:
Rachel Tondreault

Rachel began her practice at Create Power Yoga over Rachel Tondreault received her 200-hr RYT from The Create Power Yoga Teacher Training Program in the fall of 2016. Since then, Rachel has been developing her teaching practice with classes such as Power Vinyasa, Power Restore, Yoga for Hips & Back and even HIIT. Most recently, she has developed a Core Vinyasa program at CPY that takes the elements of a traditional Power Vinyasa class and spins it with a strong focus on building a foundational awareness of the abdominal muscles. Rachel’s philosophy is that all movement that is safe and strong starts from building stability closest to the spine and working outward from there. The most challenging transitions and poses begin with the smallest, deepest kinds of muscular engagement and that is exactly what you will be working on with Rachel in her online core program.