21 Day Mobility Challenge

Improve your mobility, strength & stability.

Each day of the challenge you will receive an e-mail with a new class, lesson, mantra and journal prompts. Classes are accessed through our Virtual Studio. 

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This program includes:

21 classes (20-30 minutes each)

Daily mantras and journaling prompts

21 lessons and body "hacks"

Access to our online 21-day challenge community

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You will have 30-days of access from the date of registration to complete your 21-day challenge

Laura B.

"I absolutely love the program. It's filled with so much helpful information about our bodies and anatomy that's connected to our mobility in ways I never even considered nor thought of. The classes are just the right length, focus and balance with movement and instruction."

Beth W.

"This challenge came at a time when I desperately needed a bridge back to my practice. It’s doing a deep, slow work that is kind to me but also motivating. It feels good to be a part of it."

Mike Q.

"I like how you have incorporated what is going on beneath the skin in the process of movement while demonstrating the poses. This class is developing a clearer picture and another level of understanding with the opposing forces going on with each movement."

How our program works

This challenge focuses on creating mobility and elasticity throughout your body through daily movement practices that build on each other. Our goal is not only to help you move more efficiently in your body, but also to teach you about the way you work. It's our belief that the more you know about this body you're in the more confidently you can make decisions about your movement and self-care.

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Meet Your Teacher:
Petra Lehman-Brauer

Petra and her husband, Billy, founded Create Power Yoga in 2014, after an unexpected life-change and a realization that it was now-or-never. Petra sees in yoga the opportunity to build connection and family within a yoga practice.

Petra focuses in functional movement and educating her students. She believes that the more we know about how our bodies work, the more attuned we can be about how we treat them, and the better we can feel. Knowledge is power.

Petra has over 800 hours of training in anatomy, functional movement, trauma-informed yoga, breath practice, and fascial anatomy. She proudly leads the teacher training program at Create Power Yoga.

Petra Lehman-Brauer