This 5-week virtual, self-paced program will revive your pelvic floor using evidence-based physical therapy, pilates and yoga techniques.


This program includes


Short daily lessons and tips to help you better understand your pelvic floor and how your daily activities affect its health.


5 weeks manageable, quick movement practices to build your awareness of your floor, release it, and rebuild it in a way that fits easily into your busy day.


Pelvic Floor Specialist Jillian Pane-Walsh is on hand to answer your questions. Your program also comes with one free consultation.

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Who this program is for

  • ANYONE suffering from the common symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, including but not limited to: incontinence; painful sexual intercourse; frequent urge to urinate; chronic pelvic pain; difficulty with bowel movement; pelvic prolapse; and pelvic floor spasms
  • Those who have poor posture or core strength
  • Women who have had a baby (recently, or 5, 10, 20, 30 or more years ago!)
  • This program isn't for: those experiencing diastasis recti, women who are pregnant (or otherwise unable to do tummy-lying positions)

About Jillian Pane-Walsh

Jillian is a certified pelvic floor health specialist as well as a Pilates and Barre professional with over 10 years of experience. In her practice, she works with women struggling to obtain strength and function of their pelvic floors. Through pelvic floor training, her clients experience decreased hip and back pain, incontinence relief, and stronger orgasms. As a mother of three and someone who has personally experienced pelvic pain and those embarrassing leaking moments, Jillian has made it her mission to help women feel more confident in their bodies. She works privately and in group settings, always working to create personalized programs that meet individual goals and needs.